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Industrieofenbau GmbH

Sudfeldstr. 31
58093 Hagen, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 23 31 / 57 0 87-00
Fax: +49 (0) 23 31 / 57 0 87-99


Quenching and Tempering Equipment

SCHLAGER manufactures custom-made quenching and tempering equipment to the highest technical standards according to your requirements and consistent with the material flow of your furnaces.  Oil, water or polymer tanks with recooling and temperature regulation are used so that the repeat accuracy of the process parameters is assured at all times.  The circulation of the quenching mediums, specially developed by us, guarantees even quenching of the work-pieces without formation of soft spots, (Leidenfrost effect). The recooler is part of our product range and, accordingly, you get a turn-key system.

Tanks with volumes of 5ms³ to 300ms³ are produced.  The robust tanks are equipped with an integrated work-piece carrier which incorporates a lifting system capable of  withstanding the loads (in the long term).  The requisite mechanisms are very robustly designed and protected in order to withstand rough handling.

 We achieve the shortest times from leaving the furnace up to complete immersion in the quenching tank with our own conveyor systems.

This is the great advantage of an expert system supplier: all steps of the hardening-process are delivered from own manufacturing facilites.